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Ignition coil Placement location overheating


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Nov 6, 2018
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Hi all,

If you don't wanna read the full chapter just shoot down the bottom to my Final questions.

I had a thread some time ago about my VB 253 suddenly breaking down a few months back, its been a slow process due to lack of time, but I've been trying to diagnose the issue.
Although receiving a good spark through a new coil, new leads and also new distributor, the culprit was indeed the coil which took some time to discover after much fault diagnosing.

I'm only new to the idea that the coil can give off a nice clean blue spark and if faulty still not start a car, if my figures were correct it also passed my resistance test.

Today I curiously replaced the coil and after not being able to get this car going for so many months it actually started, but roughly, I reset base fuel mixtures and idle and timing, had the car running reasonable, I took it for a 15-20 minute drive with some idling while topping air in tyres, the car was running at peak temperature. As I approached my street it started stalling, I managed to get it going a few times, stalled again in the driveway and pushed it into the garage. Im back a square one, car will not start again. The coil I can only presume.

Before I had my very first breakdown, the coil was originally mounted on the manifold behind the carby, I relocated it to the firewall up above the passenger side rocker cover and again the same fitment location for this new coil.

My questions, could an ignition coil (Barrel type Coil) placed on a firewall accumulate enough heat to cause failure? ive seen them placed in this location before, its as far up the firewall as possible above the rocker cover, im now thinking the extractors could be giving off some heat. is this possible? and is the manifold that much cooler for a better coil placement?

If the coil shouldn't cause a problem, what else could be failing my ignition coils? I know they're prone to overheating. Is a newer model (Bosch HEC-716) non Barrel type of coil less prone to overheating. Ive always had Barrel coils on all my cars in the past no issue.

Sorry this probably makes so much sense to someone else.

thanks for reading

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