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Installing VL fog lights


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Nov 3, 2008
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VL Executive st/wgn
Hey, my Dad's mate installed spot lights for our Land Cruiser a while back but he's wired it so that they'll turn on (via a dash-mounted switch) only when the High-beams are running.. Simple

I own a VL Commodore Exec. Station Wagon and want to install some switch-activated fog lights as I make regular trips into the hills, and being winter it gets a bit foggy...
Thing is, whilst my dad's mate would undoubtedly do it for free if I supplied the parts, I really love installing stuff on my own car.. I just need help finding the best way to do it..

I want to be able to have the fog lights on when any form of light is switch on whether it be park, low, or high beam but be "disabled" (not able to turn on) when lights are fully off.. That way I don't accidentally leave them on during the day and look like a tool..
After studying my Gregory's manual and a few articles on the internet, it looks to me as if running them while I'm on either park or low beam is impossible as connecting both parking and low beam wires to the relay would surely cause them to come on together.. Unless I run two relays, one from each of the respective fuses but to the same switch?

I've gone through and drawn up so many possibilities (based on the diagram in Gregory's), and each time I see something different on the internet I doubt what I have just devised.. I've seen different ways of doing it, different fuses and pretty much all on different cars...

If someone could point me in the right direction as I know this isn't really a hard task, it would be much appreciated.. and although I'm not stupid, I'm not willing to experiment on my car and possibly short circuit or burn it, without seeking some help.
If you could let me know what type of fuse to get, and possibly let me know which wire connects to which terminal, and to which other wire that would be great.. Also, I'm looking at running 2 relays, one for either fog lamp, as I've heard of them over heating and melting :-/ if i'm wrong, tell me and I'll trust you know what you're doing...
I'm not overly fussed about them running on park lights, but I'd much prefer it..

Cheers for the help :)