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Interesting fuel consumption figures and why


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Oct 6, 2005
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Central QLD
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Toyota Landcruiser
Until a month ago the car ran fine, not a worry, it would get to the border NP on less than a tank, I then unknowingly bought dirty fuel, now that gave me figures of around 24 lit / 100kms which aint real flash considering that's driving slow.

Of course that's driving around town, so I ran it for another 100 kms out on the highway and got a dramatic improvement of around 9.5 lit / 100 kms which in itself aint that bad, easy to see it's the throttle use.

OK so I found the problem, replaced the filter and did the same thing, with highway figures of 6.3 lit / 100kms now no one is gonna complain there giving it an easy range of above 800 k's, considering the car was carrying no extra weight.

So "around town" for the next week driven at exactly the same speeds for a better than average 7.4 lit / 100 km all for a lousy $10 fuel filter saved on the first re-fill which is still heaps better than what most get outa any eco on the highway.

Stock apart from a Redline filter and custom CAI, no power mode, no a/c used.

Of course the drama of a car that suddenly started to drink fuel faster than a blown big block was a worry to say the least.

One thing I noticed was that around town the throttle was hardly used to reach the same speed and on the highway it would hold speed up hill with no extra throttle and would accelerate up hills in 4th NP if needed, admittedly that's sitting between 95 and 100 K's.

I dare say that with a load and a/c on it would go up to around 10-11Lit / 100kms

Just an observation found in desperation to see where all the fuel was dissapearing to, but perhaps an item worth replacing with each oil change.