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Interior Upgrades gone south.....CLICK HERE!


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Jul 9, 2006
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Ringwood, Melb, VIC
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VX Acclaim S2
Hey guys, lets get stuck right into it.....

.....Changed the lights in the car to blue (looked mint), but later bought a white dash facia upgrade and left my leds looking like so.....any ideas on how to fix this problem? (i was thinking that just scraping the backing where it is dull, but now all of it coz the hot spots are already bright enough)...

.....Being a VX Acclaim S2 i have white needles in the cluster, this didnt hit me until i put the white facia on and was sticking the needles back on and saw that they were virtually impossible to see, what can be done to fix this without screwing them up so they dont light up at night.....? (any models that have red ones or something that'll fit)

.....I have hooked up 2 neons via a switch on the dash that light up the footwells, looks good although it doesnt match the blue leds so i want to change them to the LED neons. Can i just trim the wire and attatch new noens to the original wires to save me taking the whole dash out again and re-feeding the wire through the back.....?

.....I also want to know how i can hook up more neons without ****ing around too much, like is there some sort of device i can buy that will split one wire into two (similar to a double adaptor for a power point) so i can just run a few noens off the the oringinal wires and switch installed at the moment....?

....Finally, i bought a new interior light for the roof light which was blue, hoping to obviously make the car light up blue when the doors are open....it didnt so ****, it was real dull and made it impossible to see. What light can i buy to fit that roof light spot and make it looking half decent and still practical.....?

.....Thanks for reading all that, post up if you have any ideas please!!!!!