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is idle learn bull or not?.... EXPERT opinion needed here i think


Dec 10, 2010
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vy executive
hi guys. i have been informed by a few peeps here that the idle learn proceedure on an ecotec is usless, and does nothing. so far this opinion doesnt sit right in my mind. for starters, in the haynes workshop manual, it says in the PCM section "if the PCM looses power due to the battery being disconnected, the idle learn proceedure should be performed to obtain a smooth idle." also they mention, idle learn is required for a few other proceedures which im not sure what they mean (obtaining IAC data) (whatever that is :D). so that is the reference side of it

next i have had a problem with my v6vt dual fuel, lighting up the drivetrain warning when running on petrol after 5 minutes. took it to multiple mechanics (even an lpg fitter) and they couldnt suss it out. i then diddsconnected the battery for an hour to reset the computer, did the idle learn, and its all fixed. i have reset the computer before without doing idle learn and the problem persisted. go figure....

can i get some answer on this from someone with actual tech 2 tool experience on a vt please. answers from someone who heard something that someone said on a website (thats not even real hearsay :| ), or other model cars e.g. vn, vp, vr, with a tech 1 tool is not an acceptable answer, as its a different car and tool. i am happy to have my opinion on this proven wrong, if someone can explain it to me. for the record, i do think its important... just based on my practical experience with my vehicle, but not with a tech 2. also, im not doing this thread to be a smart #rse. i just think if the general concensus on this is wrong, it may mislead a few people. or it may help someone if they have a similar problem. thanks for any feedback.