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is my system getting its potential



hey i just installed my first ever system and aam very happy with it. i am getting many complaints from passengers in the rear who says it is too loud lol . i just dont think im getting tthe most out of my system. i dont have a clue about wire sizes or power/watt/amp setting or anything so i will tell you what i have.

i will try post a few pics in the coming days when i find my camera

ok here we go

*8 gauge power wire
*8 gauge ground wire
*all speaker wires(to sub and rear 6x9's) are 16gauge
*i have a kenwood KDC-MP4033 headeck
*i have my rca cord split from one channel into two going into my sub( the headunit only has one rca output)
* a SAINT USA 4ch amp (SAC-850...250wx4ch max 2ohm stable...3 way crossover)
*rear 6x9's( Alpine SPS-69C3.....250w...50w Rms...3way) going off the first two channels on the amp
*and a spl sub in a ported wooden box with a persplex viewing glass and two sound holes, briged off the 3rd and 4th channel. it is i think 12 inch and no more than 1000w about 700-1000 (i will try get a pic soon sorry)
*two front speakers in the dash(dont know what they are but they erent stock n go preety good) running off the hu

as i said i installed it my self and dont know jack about watts and other stuff and i am very pleased with my effort im just wondering if im getting my the most out of my system

ohh yeah almost forgot do the length of the wires matter eg ground,earth and speaker wires


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Apr 30, 2005
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S.E. Melbourne
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Yeah man, you've probably reached it's potential. Anything you gain from here on in will be one or two decibels at the most and that is not an audible difference.

The length of wires CAN (not always) make a difference. If you have an extra 6ft of powewer cable and an extra 6ft of earth cab;e then your probably losing something but if it's just an extra foot then nah....your not losing anything you can hear.


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Aug 15, 2005
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yeah as 12volt said dont worry about losses through your wiring. With the guage wire you have used you would need very long lengths to notice it. (alot longer than what u will have in your car). I have a program that calculates the losses for speaker wiring. You put in length, guage and amp power and it tells you if its suitable and the losses you will get. I did it for your specs and your looking at 1-2% power loss at most, which will not decrease your stereo performance at all. And if people are complaining its too loud, its perfoming well enough anyway:p