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Leaking Exhaust

vt s

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Mar 8, 2009
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vt s s1
Hey guys had extractors installed on my vt few weeks ago.
Anyway right after i got it back i began to heard very, and i mean very lol faint humming noise coming from behind glovebox.
Also engine light would come on every now and then.
Chucked scan tool on and it read left o2 sensor lean and air intake temp high voltage.
I was always throwing up whether the guy that done the extractors maybe didnt tighten the o2 sensor up enough.
Anyway i was convinced it was exhaust leak but i bought it in the workshop one day after work and got the boss to quicklyy have a look.
As i have not much experience i would have thought that if it was an exhaust leak it would of made quiet a loud noise.
Anyway got some rubber pipes and wentt over to try and see if we could hear a leak but found nothing.
Ok so today i was just qiving it a quick vacuum and just popped the hood cause i wanted to have a quick listen at my pulleys as some i believe are on there way.
While i was there i tried to listen hard about that exhast leak.
Put my hand down the joint of the extractors and the EGR and found air to be pushing gainst my hand.
Cant get my hands on a shifter but im hoping he just hasnt tightened it back enough cause there didnt seem to be any cracks in the hose or anything?
What do you guys think?
Could this be a problem?
And wondering if this would have affected the running of my car?