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looking for feed back on VYII ute install


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Aug 27, 2005
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VY Storm Ute
Im just about to launch into an install tomorrow on my VYII storm ute. I've got one of Preddys AUX IN and RCA kits and that'll be all soldered in by tonight. Im been planning where I want to put every thing and just posting this to get some feedback before I start it tomorow and while I've still got time for changes

Got a set of Rainbow SLC265's for the doors, tweeters probally going under the vents in the dash for now, though might see if they sound better above the air vent in the door. Not looking forward to try and get new speaker cables into the doors.

eAudio 480ab amp going on the lower firewall behind the passenger seat (jacks moved to the tray) Going to cut out the lining and anchor onto the
metal firewall`. Still leaves some storage space there for laptop etc. Looked at under the seat but the 480ab needs a good 400mm in length and so it sticks out the front and can be seen from outside the ute.

Power, 4GA, via the clutch gromet, down the right side and across behind the drivers seat. Connected directly to the battery with an 80A fuse. New 4GA earth battery to chassis as well.

Audio via the left side passenger foot well. Aux in into the centre console.

Crossovers heaps of space in the utes behind the centre console bin on top of the transmission tunnel. Speaker cables up the left with the auido.

Pioneer 8" shallow mount sub into a sealed box behind the drivers seat.

Any feedback welcome on placement etc