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Loss of power

Colin Tareeala

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Sep 8, 2017
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Series 2 Vy SS sadan ( Cosmo purple) auto
Hi everyone , first off sorry if im in the wrong section .

I have a VE SSV 2007 6 SPEED , the issues are that it lacks in power pretty bad it struggles to get up and go . Just guttles really , and when aircon is on its even worse .

I can always hear engine / exhaust noise through the dash , very noticeable.
Has a miss in it as well very noticeable as well .
Get alot of ' in car ' engine noise ' not bad noises , just engine noise in general

It has full exhaust system , factory air intake.

I have replaced the o2 sensors , new leads , new spark plugs , it goes really good for a day , then back to the same way.

One machanic said its running lean , another says its tune problem . It still has factory tune , and also has already had its update. Im stuck as to what it is rather then pay a machanic and rhey charge me $1000 for $50 fix . I also have a vy ss auto with just exhaust and it leaves my ve ss in the dust :/ Any help would be appreciated
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Tonner Matt

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May 12, 2014
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VZ 1 Tonner LS1 M6
A few basics that are cheap to do would be to.....
# Give the Throttle Body a clean
# Give the Air Flow Meter a clean
# Replace the air filter if it's dirty
# Even throw a bottle of injector cleaner in the tank wouldn't hurt
But I'd definitely be getting it scanned for fault codes before spending any more money on it

On a side note:
Has the fuel filter/fuel pump module assembly ever been replaced since you've owned it ?
It may have a fuel pressure issue....Obviously a fuel pressure check would confirm if this is the case or not
The reason I mention this is because the car is now 12 years old, and with the VE fuel filter being part of the fuel pump module assembly in the tank, I know that a lot of customers never get them changed due to the cost

Ryco do a replacement filter/module assembly so you don't need to buy genuine......Part Number is Z888