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LS1 Revs high and runaway when moving


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Dec 20, 2008
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Zenki S14
Sounds like valve timing, and with all the other parts checked if it is valve timing it would have to be cam degree.
What kind of timing chain kit does it have? Unless it's one that specifically allows it to be degreed, it will just be set with timing marks - which you could also mess up but you'd have to be suuuper careless as it's really obvious. Have you had a timing light on it yet? I'd almost wonder if your cam angle sensor and crank angle sensors have been bent out of the way slightly or aren't close enough to their teeth.
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Nov 16, 2007
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'02 Monaro V2 CV8, '90 Toyota Sera
It's a Howards double row kit to go with the custom grind cam. I believe it is fully adjustable as it even cam with a handy-dandy degree-ing chart.

I found on a forum post about a guy with an LS1 powered Cobra kit car that has EXACTLY the same rev runaway problem. It is totally 100% the Throttle Cracker/Throttle Follower base maps. They sometimes need to be retuned to suit bigger camshafts, reducing the stepping/opening of the idle air control valve. That's great to know, finally.

Tried a set of cheap ebay injectors to address the stutter/surge/bogging. Sadly they weren't even a full set of the same injectors, they were 4x 12Ohm and 4x 14Ohm... How do you screw that up when picking the parts? OMFG this car truly IS cursed! It idled like crap, but acceleration was better and it didn't seem to sputter or surge.... until it got to 3500rpm and it just died completely due to the mismatched injectors.

Hopefully I can get the correct replacement set from the ebay seller before the car gets sold... oh yeah.. I'm selling it. Listed on Carsales, Gumtree and this forum. There's a discount for forum members if you're interested.