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Manual Window regulator RHF VL fix


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Aug 19, 2021
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VL Executive 87
I've managed to get plenty of tips recently from this VL forum that have proven to be incredibly handy for me as I start attempting to try and fix all the things that over the years could do with some attention. So many thanks to all who have shared their experiences.
First on my list was trying to get the drivers window to wind all the way up. Once the door card was removed I noticed the x4 rivets holding the regulator in place were either loose or in the case of the bottom right one had almost totally popped out. This was causing movement with the mechanism and not a broken regulator I'd always assumed so after drilling them out I replaced them with nuts/bolts instead. Tip - replace one at a time so everything stays roughly in place. Learned the hard way here after the window dropped right off the sliding clips that hold the window up. It was a real bugger getting them back in. Anyway by securing the regulator it fixed the issue and the window closes right up now and no need for replacement regulator given they're hard to come by and not cheap aswell.
Happy days!!
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