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[melb] VC Commodore



I have bought a new car and am wanting to get rid of this car asap...

1982 VC Holden Commodore
Dark Green (re-sprayed about 3 years ago)
3.3L 6 cylinder (blue motor) 3 speed Automatic
Rego to late December 2006
Interior is in good condition

Engine rebuilt about 18 months ago...not sure as to how many KM since the odometer wasn't working when I purchased the car...it reads 133k....

Good clean interior for its age
Currently no head unit
2x6 inch speakers in rear
Original Mag Wheels

Car has a problem with the transmission which has just popped up in the last 3 weeks and needs looking at...the car goes but has less power...I dont think this is a major problem, I just refilled the transmition fluid and the car is going alright. Starts first time every time, doesn't need to warm up or anything, just a service and tune up should do the trick.

There are other little things wrong with the car...
Seal on passenger side window, a few inches are missing (This means that there is some sound when driving down the freeway and some air gets through)
Boot lock fell off and is missing, I have a replacement I got from wreckers.
Some hairline scratches etc.

Looking for $700, in Vermont (eastern subs)

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