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Minor problem with climate control - flashing "cold" indicator


Dec 17, 2005
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Blue Mountains NSW
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VE Omega II
Hi all,

My 2010 S2 Omega has, overall, been a fine car. Just gave it its 270K service and its running well. It has a very minor A/C (Climate Control) issue - often when I first start the A/C doesn't come on to the top vents. No pushing of buttons seems to fix it but pulling over, turning the engine and A/C off - turning the key right off and opening the door to convince the IQ to go into sleep always fixes it on restart. Sometimes I reach a traffic light and a quick power off and on get the A/C started.

Anyway, today I noticed the tiny "cold" indicators/leds on the CC controls above the temperature knobs flashing. 5 flashes and then a gap followed by 5 more continuously. Normally this behaviour only happens when the car has been sitting in the sun and is hot. Today was unusual as it was 5AM. The lights aren't the brightest so I wouldn't have noticed otherwise. The stop and reset proceedure worked and the light is steady. I've noticed that once the reset works, I hear an actuator running so I'm suspecting an actuator issue.

Pretty sure this is a "fault code" but despite searching, I can't find any reference to "AC" or "Climate Control" fault codes on the web

Does anyone out there recognise this or have access to a list of fault codes