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Missing 304 belt\pulley kit from full STA setup.. Alternate kit? Help! Exp? Advice?


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Apr 22, 2013
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Sunny coast
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Vn ss
Call me old fashioned but I still get kicks from steering the old vn ss through road trips to shopping trips, the sound & pull of that aussie 5l, the ease in which that barge arse steps out, the way it handles at high speed & the simplicity of being able to work on your vehicle. -Sure it drives like a pig sometimes, wants to stall on that lumpy idle, gets hot as sin with no a/c, gets noticed by the police & the occasional wave from a bogan but hey, driving it makes me feel something that newer cars seem to lack.. & I can't argue with that.
Recently I picked up a full STA kit with all the trimmings EXCEPT for the pulley/beltsetup. So quite simply, -how can I make this work?
Can I use a different brand setup? Does someone have a STA belt/pulley kit FS? Any feedback/experience/advice aporeciated. VN SS +forced induction = happy ken