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Mounts replaced, but still rattling



Hi guy's this is my first post.
first question:
I've recently changed the engine mounts on my auto VK 6 cylinder because the rubber had come away fro the metal housing causing it to rattle a fair bit (obviosly)
did the replacement, its still rattling a little but not a bad as before and its really hurting the perfomance when i take off, any ideas?

Second question: I got the starter motor replaced becuase the original was stuffed, now after around about a 20 minute drive the new starter is not turning over. the EST light doesnt come on and I can here the starter motor clicking pretty heavely (louder than the old starter motor) the guy's who replaced it said that it might be because its new, this has been an on going problem that I cant narrow down to any specific part and Iam affraid if I take if to the mechanics that they will do nothing and cost me a heap of money.