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my 1986 vl executive


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Sep 10, 2013
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vl berlina
I have a 1986 vl executive and Is a very tidy car I'm on my learners but this isn't my first car I also have a vl Berlina that had abit of rust I was going to build it up for my p plates ( got the car for Christmas in 2012) but as my ps get dreadfully closer I was running out of time and had no funds so we recently moved to a small countrey town and we have been here for a year now and one day popped out the executive so we went and had a look at and it was almost in immaculate condition the interior looked liked grandma and grandad had just stepped out of it then I looked at the ododometer and it had 149846 kilometres on the clock and had little to no rust in it I fell in love with it straight away so we went to the guy who owned it and tbh he had no Idea what ye had sitting in his drive way so I spoke to him and I picked it up for just 600 bucks. So I brought it home and had to fix a few things so I replaced the fuel pump, brake booster and powersteerung pump then I lowered it put an exhaust on it and put my man wheels on it to I have a 5 speed kit there for it but haven't got the time to do the swap just yet
Thank you for reading