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My Vl won’t turn over

Discussion in 'Electrical Wiring / Questions' started by Allooushh, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Allooushh

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    Mar 14, 2018
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    Vl Berlina
    okay so I’ve got a vl that has a RB20 in it, this engine came out of another running vl so the wiring is already customised to work with the RB20, I just need to figure out where everything goes, I’m pretty sure I wired the starter and alternator up properly but it still won’t crank, the battery is new by the way. When I turn the key nothing happens but the brake light does come on and the speakers work also the driver side headlight works, the interior is pretty much completely stripped so I’m not trying to get everything to work I just want the starter motor to turn, I haven’t connected the fuel pump or the ecu, I thought that the starter motor should be able to crank without the ecu being connected but maybe I’m wrong. Theres a 4 pin connecter that comes from the starter that has a blue/white, white and 2 orange wires going into it, what is that supposed to plug into and could it be the reason the starter motor isn’t cranking? Once again I’m not trying to get the engine to actually run yet, I want to start with just the starter motor and slowly work my way around so I only want to wire what ever is necessary to get that working, and form there I can continue. The car hasn’t been started in a couple years which could also add to the problem. Thanks guys

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