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Need help swaping parts from my VR to help me finish my project car


Apr 8, 2009
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Vr Executive 3.8 V6
I have started a little project before i get my licence back
vr running vs statesman loom and ecotec motor still looking for the T5 box full set up
I have all the parts I dont need willing to swap or buy and sell parts if any one need's some thing
i have the front and back bumpers
full interior with dash the cluster dont work taken off the clock every 3 days and speedo stopped working I have one that works that has a hole in the top for some reason picked it up as a spear before I started the swap over, looms and door looms are available not cut in any way and more if anyone is looking for anything let me know I'm in victoria willing to drop off stuff locally depending what it is or you can pick it up what ever works let me know what your looking for and I will see if i have it or if I can find one
thanks for the help and keep me posted