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New Head Unit Question

Discussion in 'VY Holden Commodore (2002 - 2004)' started by Ratty, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. Ratty

    Ratty Guest

    Guys and Girls,

    Any Modders out there with a VY (That allows you to change volume etc.. from the steering wheel and displays the info on the center LCD on the dash) that has replaced the HU, can you still use the steerign wheel controls and does it sill display in the dash? Just a question before I go changing things in my Berlina...

  2. it is possible

    i also done the hu upgrade and do not have it connected to the wheel
    but i did get a quote from autobarn moorabbin they quoted me $250
    but that was just the controls on the wheel
    as for the display its not possible unless you reprogram the ecu

    hope it helped

    PS if you goto autobarn moorabbin tell arron that tony the tyre man sent you
    he will give you a good price that way

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