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New Headunit or ASR mods?

New H/U or ASR Mods

  • Better quality FM Transmitter for $100

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When in doubt, slide it out
Nov 4, 2007
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Sydney, Australia
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VEII SSV, VYII Berlina, '97 Lancer
I have been thinking about upgrading the headunit in my VYII Berlina for a few weeks now but am not really sure what I want to do. I like the stock look of the current unit, plus it's already had the blue conversion done to it by Phreddy at ASR, so it looks good. But I do like the touchscreen headunits as a possible replacement.

I am going for louder, clearer sound as I'm running my iPhone through a $5 FM-Transmitter from eBay which isnt the greatest but for $5 is friggen amazing. But it does crack a lot and the output of the stock headunit is pathetic. I currently have 6" pioneers in all doors with 180 peak or 30watts rms, i think =S. So my dillema is to either buy a touchscreen headunit with the typical 50W x 4 output, or go to Phreddy at ASR again and get the AUX-in and 4 RCA's installed then run a 4 channel amp with maybe a 2 channel later on if i decide to add 6x9's or a sub.

Both options cost roughly the same (low end touchscreen unit from america = $500-$600, full ASR conversion + 4ch amp = ~$480).

Which would be the best way to go long term?