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Dec 13, 2003
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From now on, anyone caught breaking the new rules will have their post deleted. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The reason this is being done is because people are constantly posting threads that give you absolutely no information at all. There is no point posting and skimping on words. You do not have to pay for this service, make the most of it.

(Based on rules originally written by Garth, Julie and OSO-060)

Personal Traders/Buyers

1. Keep all posts on topic, any comment not directly related to the sale will be removed and the offending user warned. We use a three warning system, on your third warning you are removed from this area until further notice.

2. When posting a new thread PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR STATE TAG as follows:
[STATE] - Short Item Description

3. When listing an item YOU SHOULD include:

ITEM: General Item Description

LOCATION: State and Region

CONDITION: New or Used

PRICE: Firm or Negotiable or Make an offer


PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or Other

CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM, Phone or Other

OTHER INFO: Please list as many details as possible

PICTURES: If Possible

When listing a whole car YOU SHOULD include:

ITEM: General car description

LOCATION: State and Region

YEAR: Year model of car (and build month if possible)


BADGE: Example: Executive, SS, Clubsport

ENGINE: General engine specifications (not including mods)

TRANSMISSION: Auto/Manual and configuration

COLOUR: Main colour of car

EXTERIOR CONDITION: General condition of exterior of car

INTERIOR CONDITION: General condition of interior of car

TYRE CONDITION: Expressed as % for front and rear

TYRE SIZE INCLUDING LOAD RATING: Example: 275/35 ZR 19 96Y (Tyre load ratings explained here.)

ODOMETER: Current odometer reading

SERVICE HISTORY: Does the vehicle have a service history avalible

REGO OF CAR: List the state the car is currently registered in (or last state)

REGO TILL: When current rego expires (if any)


RWC: Does it come with one, can one be organised, does the price inclued one

PRICE: Firm or Negotiable or Make an offer


PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or Other

CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM, Phone or Other

OTHER INFO: Please list as many details as possible

PICTURES: If Possible

This will help prevent uneducated questions, general confusion, and negative comments. Both buyers and sellers alike will benefit from an informative post. There will also be a sticky thread with the code to include in your post. If you do not include these details you will be PMed and reminded of Just Classifieds.
Any threads deemed to have insufficient information are in breech of the Just Classifieds Rules and WILL BE DELETED.

4. If you have a problem with the asking price or any other aspect of an item please take it up personally with the seller via PM. Do not post negative comments in the traders thread. Legitimate complaints or concerns can also be reported to Administration or Moderators for further action.

5. The administration of Just Commodores - For All Your Holden Commodore Needs cannot guarantee the authenticity or reliability of any goods listed, bought, sold or traded on these forums and accept no responsibility for any losses or damages that may arise from transactions. Just Classifieds is strictly 'buyer beware' and all items should be thoroughly researched before purchase. We will help you in the event of a dispute however we will not cover any losses to either party.

Only post if you accept the above terms and conditions.

Business Traders

Just Commodores - For All Your Holden Commodore Needs offer a service to automotive related businesses wanting to post on these forums. This is an opportunity for you to expand your clientele worldwide and remain targeted on your specific audience.

To enquire about this service please email- [email protected]

*Please Note- Any Business found posting without contacting us first will have their posts deleted without question and may result in your user account being blocked.

Thread Bumping

A thread may be bumped either once it's off the front page OR as a maximum of twice a week.
Any post that does not disclose updated information in regards to the sale item is considered bumping.
If these rules are not followed, infractions will be dealt out.
People caught bumping threads every single day will have their thread locked.
If someone is found to be a repeat offender, Trading Post access may be revoked at the disgretion of the admin/mod.

Idle Chat In Threads

Just in case people are not clear on what is considered chat, here are some examples and why they are not allowed:

1. 'Nice car, good luck with the sale'
This is pointless, it does not achieve anything and wastes time.

2. 'If only you live (insert location) i would buy it.'
Same as above. They don't live near you so too bad.

3. 'I wish i had more money to afford this'
Well you don't have more money. If you want to work out some sort of deal with the seller regarding payment fair enough, but wishing for more money is pointless.

4. 'Geez, that's 3 times what it is actually worth'
If someone wants to sell something at an extremely high price then let them. The money doesn't come out of your pocket and it is none of your business.

5. Asking for pictures IS allowed but only needs to be asked ONCE, not by 6 different people.

6. 'My best friends girl friends sisters boy friends mates uncle has one of these.'
Why bother? Once again, a waste of time.

The above mentioned examples are only a sample of the pointless chat that cleaners/mods/admin have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. It wastes our time deleting it so don't waste your time posting it.

Minimum Requirements For Posting

Please note that in order to post in the Just Classifieds you MUST have 20 posts and have been a member for at least 3 months. Users who post useless comments in order to post in here will have their thread deleted and/or access to this area removed.

Once the above criteria is met, you will be promoted and have complete access to the section. This process runs every hour, please don't go contacting a mod or admin asking why this hasn't happened, chances are it simply hasn't run just yet so be patient.

Requests for access via PM or Email will be ignored for the simple fact this is entirely automated, if you don't have access then you either haven't accumulated 20 technical posts or met the 3 month minimum.

Expression Of Interest (E.O.I) Threads

Expression of interest threads ARE permitted, However you MUST at least include a rough figure of how much you are looking for.

Thank you for reading and happy trading
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