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New VS Commodore


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Jun 3, 2009
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Hey lads, im new here and im 18 n still at school
I just got the cleanest and straightest VS pretty much ever off my pop coz he brought a brand spanking new clubbie.
I got the usual plans for her
Full alpine system
King springs
18s 19s or 20s, dont no yet
See about that choice pacemaker extractor, dual 2 n a quarter twin cat setup that i rekon is sweets,
BUT! what im asking about is, interiors, I want to get like a full black and red done on her, seats, door trims, pillars, dash, pretty much everything DOES ANY1 know any info and prices, and places around wollongong or sydney
cheers big help if anyone knows a rough price range, i assume there most be some fellas or here with sweet insides of there pride and joys on here..