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Not sure wats going on (Black 308)


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Oct 20, 2007
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Normanville SA
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1992 EB Fairmont Ghia
My black 308 was recued after being sat still for 4 years. I got the electrics working, put in new oil with a flush and then started her up and then changed the oil again. Then the head gasket went, i replaced the head gaskets. the intake, exhaust and rockers. I also had to replace all the lifters and a bent pushrod. I checked out all the other ones and they are all straight as an arrow (i also blew carb cleaner through all of them to make sure they werent blocked up)

She fired up in a heart beat now *except when a little cold*. It had a crow cam, bored block, new flat top cylinders and LPG put in back in 1999 but has only done 40,000 since then. Now not long ago when its idling i was pulling off the spark plug leads to make sure everythings ok, some make it really miss when i take a plug off and others make barely any difference (you really have to listen for a small tiny change in engine note).

This concerned me, its got a great lumpy idle from the cam and when revving it up in park at 1500rpm you can feel a small kick now and then (i reckon its the cam) and 2k upwards its smooth as. There is no smoke blowing, uses NO oil, no blow by in the crank when the oil filling cap is off and when warmed up doesnt even crank once to start.

Is this thing while its idling a huge problem? Does it only happen while idling? Does the cam and LPG have something to do with this? (eg, when ur foot is down all cylinders fire up). Lol im like a mother with a baby with a small cut on its leg, very concerned.

lol cheers guys.


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Mar 10, 2009
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1966 impala, R32 GTR
dunno if this helps, but is it standard dual plane manifold? and are the spark plugs that make a difference to idle all on the same plane? wouldnt be a problem with half your carby? lol, i know it sounds weird but when i took off my heads the other day, all the chambers that were on the secondary plane of the manifold were all lean carbon, and the rest rich. i am still scratching my head as to that one.