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NZ - 2004 VZ SS LS1

Discussion in 'VY - VZ - WK - WL - V2' started by sixfootseven, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. sixfootseven

    sixfootseven New Member

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    Jan 12, 2018
    Hawkes Bay NZ
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    White VZ SS & Black VE Calais
    My new ride.

    2004 VZ SS LS1, black leather interior.

    Stock as a rock, except arrived with deleted cats, painted grilles, and no side SS badges.

    Got it fully checked over and serviced, with all fluids and filters replaced regardless of condition. (I'll do my own engine oil, oil filter, air and fuel filters on an ongoing basis, just wanted to get a baseline of everything done). New leads, new coils, new battery. Drivers seat base fully rebuilt - heavy duty foam, and reinforced base using a layer of outdoor carpet before foam went down.

    I have only driven it 160km since I bought it, mainly on school runs. Can't wait to get a chance to actually go for a decent cruise for the sake of a cruise.

    Have just ordered:
    • VZ HSV white dial 3 window cluster programmed to suit car, with correct KMs.
    • XForce 2.5" catback.
    • XAir OTR with MAFless fittings.
    • Flash tuned PCM.
    • Aerpro fascia, harness, steering wheel control adapter.
    • Nakamichi NA3605 Android Auto / Apple Carplay Satnav/Reverse camera headunit.
    • Mongoose VT900 GPS tracker.
    (whoop, while writing this, the Aerpro stuff, and head unit, and GPS tracker all arrived by courier).

    Definitely going to do:
    • Replace missing side SS badges.
    • Tinted windows (35% is legal here).
    Vaguely considering:
    • Blackout the badges.
    • Headers.
    • 3.46 or 3.73 diff.
    • A small white custom sticker of some sort at the top of front+rear windscreens for a bit of personalisation (last Red SS had the RHCP asterisk logo but said "Red Hot Commodore" around it. Might do the same with "White Hot Commodore")
    Definitley not:
    • Lowering. I tow, and have a few steep driveways.
    • Rims. 18" works for me in terms of handling and comfort, plus towing long distance sometimes, and I like the stock mags.


    Might make a white hot version of what was on my last SS...
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  2. evBenji

    evBenji Well-Known Member

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    Dec 22, 2010
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    VY Commodore
    looks tuff!

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