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On an Airplane

Discussion in 'Jokes/Humour' started by Mavericks Choice, Feb 3, 2019.

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    A Chinese guy is sitting next to a Jewish guy on an airplane.

    Out of the blue, the Jewish guy slaps the Chinese guy so hard that his head reverberates.

    The Chinese guy asks, 'What did you do that for?'

    The Jewish guy says, 'That was for Pearl Harbor..'

    The Chinese guy says, 'But Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese.'

    The Jewish guy says, 'Japanese, Chinese, Korean, it's all the same to me.'

    A few minutes of silence pass when out of the blue the Chinese guy slaps the Jewish guy so hard that HIS head reverberates.

    The Jewish guy asks 'What did you do that for?'

    The Chinese guy says, 'That was for the Titanic..'

    The Jewish guy says, 'But the Titanic was sunk by an iceberg.'

    The Chinese guy says, 'Steinberg, Goldberg, Iceberg, it's all the same to me.'
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