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One of the best Sundays ever


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Jan 13, 2005
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Now that I've recovered from my big day out yesterday I'll write a story about it :).

I took a table tennis team on behalf of my town to an inter town compitition over the weekend. It's been going for 35 years but my town has only won once back in 1978. Anyway on Saturday I went over there with my young aprentice and his dad, I noted on the way over that Ford Territorys use looots of fuel when going up hills 20l/100 :bang:. But only about 11l/100 over the whole mostly flat trip (don't buy one if you live in the mountains).

Anyway after many games of intense table tennis, including beat a girl ranked number two for 18 year olds in Australia :thumbsup:. not bad for a old hippy. Oh yeah after many games I finally came unstuck and lost 12-10 in the 5th game to this guy from my own team. :p But then my young aprentice beat him in the final plus my aprentice and I wont the doubles championship so overall it was a great day.

The next day (Sunday)
I went over there with my wife because she wanted to go and see a movie while I was at the stadium. So off we went (in the Jeep). I was just looking at the floor mentaly preparing myself to beat everyone :) when I heard her saying something about look at all the new model commodores. I started thinking, that crazy woman, she doesnt' even know the difference between a VZ and a BA half the time how does she know we are behind a VZ?. So anyway after a few seconds I looked up still half zoned out. There I was thinking I was looking at some kind of metallic blue VZ SV6? but then I started doubting myself thinking, that's a really sexy looking car then I saw the Quad pipes, the red lines above them the little badge that said ssv and then the custom ssv-xx plates and I went #^$%@#&[email protected]!*&%$ It's a VE!!!!!!!! then I looked in front of the blue SSV and saw a red Omega AND a grey Omega? hard to say because it looked posher so could have been more than an Omega :p. I was going :bang: :bang: :bang: I so need my VP right now and a 5500 rpm 2nd gear passed the ssv with a :thumbsup: out the window then shifting to third passed the other two but I had no VP :cry:.

So we just followed them in the Jeep, my wife was going to give the SSV a run anyway just to see how fast it went so when it overtook a car we went with it, dumped down a gear in the Jeep but almost run into the back of the SSV because he was putting along :p (let me get a real close view of the back though :p).

Then up ahead I saw the two other VE's driving side by side down the highway taking up both lanes with one driver with his full torso out the window while talking to the other guy while the SSV caught back up to them (obviously it had cruise control because his feet must have been on his seat hehehe) :bow:.

All three of them then drove through the next town, I was watching to see everyones reactions when they saw them drive passed but no one even batted an eyelid, they do look very BA/VZ hybridish while out and about so it's understandable that no one noticed them.

Then they all pulled over and we continued on.

I arrived at the tournament and with one man down and only two players (my aprentice didnt want to go on the Sunday) we still managed to beat the first team, then after lunch we played another town and by this stage I realised if I didn't loose any games in this match I would win the A grade aggregate for the whole weekend, something I've never done and I've played in this tournament for most of the last 20 years so it was pretty stressing!:). First up I had to play a really unco guy with a old bat with the rubbers half hanging off it, these are the guys that allways give you trouble, because anyone with a bat that crapy and a style that bad that still manages to play A grade at that level has to be good (and very sneaky) :p after much thinking and outsmarting the guy I won 11-9? in the 5th and final game. phew then I had to play another more orthadox guy, beat him easily.

Last match of the day was the guy that also hadn't lost all weekend, I knew I would have to play really well and not stuff up almost anything to win because he is a really good defensive player and I knew I would have to attack him with everything I had to win points, that was the plan and I managed to do it even with the potential losing the aggregate stress telling me to take it easy creeping around in my brain:p. So I won and not only that we won the teams for the first time since 1978!!!!!!!! :) and! after going to collect all those seven trophies for me and my aprentice (since he wasn't there) and doing my speaches they drew the raffle and I WON that too! first time in the 20 years I've ever won the raffle, the crowd of people were going crazy because I was just winning everything left right and center, people were telling me to go and buy tatslotto tickets :p. We then left and ate the box of roses chocolates from the raffle on the way home :D

Did I mention I finally saw my VE's :thumbsup: