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P/Car on a VF SSV Redline


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Feb 3, 2018
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Commodore Motorsport Edition

set status = all
obviously make = holden or whatever you are curious about
I've had little success simply typing "Holden", or "GM Holden" or variants of the previous with "Pty Ltd" appended at the end of these (with various combinations of capitalisation)... while adding Status: ALL. Such just doesn't yield any results. Either does adding Category: MA to the search criteria...

For the idiot government entity to call this a search page is really a streach as it seems the data is polluted with all sorts of inconsistant naming strategies .... Currently "general motors australia" and Status:ALL gets a resultant list of approval number one can click on and continue down the rabbit hole to find their actual RVD while adding Marketing Model: commodore seems to tighten the resultant list of approval numbers...

Really, my experiance is that the RVD search function is a PITA unless one has the Approval number for the vehicle they are intersted in and as a minimum selects Status: ALL. The compliance certification sticker that is located on the passenger side B-pillar of one's car references the Approval Number. Sadly such a search doesn't provide a geat method to filter stuff which results in having to click the Certification Unit ID link that results and then go through the Approval table to find your specific vehicle variant RVD from within the RVD table that's presented = PITA...

It wouldn't surprise me if part of the problem is that GM is trying to have all Holdens stuff migrated to the new legal entiry which is why search is somewhat borked...

For my vehicle, the Approval number is 44667 but then locating the actual RVD for my motorsports edition is another effort as it requires clicking each RVD doc referenced within the resulting RVD table and then clloking for my desired variant... Interestingly the only variant listed within the one relevant RVD that I found is "MOTOR SPORT 6AT", presumably the 6AT is for an auto variant, yet oddly the 6AT variant comes in auto and manual form ... effing idiots :rolleyes: