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Painting a new door mould



My car is grey/silver and I recently got myself a new front passenger door mould for my '87 VL which is a darker grey. So before I stick the mould on I need to spray the mould my colour.

I checked under the bonnet and got the paint code; '2JO13B' and i've got some cash to get it painted.

How do I go about painting it?

Do I take it in to a paint specialist or something and they spray it or what? Can it be a home job?


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Jul 27, 2006
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you could do it at home if you are confident, some paint shops will mix you up a pressure pack to do small jobs like this for around $25, but the problem you will find is if the paint on the rest of the car isn't in good condition or the person who mixes the paint for you isn't precise, it will be noticably different in colour to the rest of the car.

if you have grey door moulds and bumpers and silver body i would recommend doing the bumpers, moulds everything in one go with the new colour rather than trying to match it up to the old. i did mine with gunmetal metallic and i reckon it looks better than the stock grey. most of the time the bumpers are scratched etc anyway so a new coat will do them good. and finish with a few coats of clear and polish and it'll be sweet as

however if you aren't confident spraying it yourself a paint shop will do it for you, may charge you a fair bit though depending who does it. you may also run into the same colour problems as mentioned above so theres a few things to keep in mind