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part number: banjo bolts for calipers


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Oct 15, 2005
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eastern subs, vic
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VP 5.0L
when i put new caliper on my rear i overtightened a banjo bolt and sheared the head off, but luckily i had another one to swap it with.
figured i'd buy a spare 4 because the cross drilling had warped on another one from overtorquing.
just now i finished painting up my front calipers, i left the banjo bolts in to mask the holes cos i had new ones to replace them.

just compared the old and new and there are a few differences.
thread and length of threaded area is the same, but the length between the head and the thread is shorter in the new one.
also the head of the new one is smaller so less meat on the top to bite onto the washer.

beginning to suspect holden parts have ****ed me again, has anyone got a part number for the proper banjo bolts. these ones are listed as 92156688. they're for finned vp calipers.