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Poor engine running when ALDL cable plugged in

Discussion in 'Electrical Wiring / Questions' started by kyone, Jul 27, 2006.

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    Jan 20, 2006
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    2007 VE CALAIS V
    Engine running poor when ALDL cable plugged in

    I've been using a laptop in my VQ V8 Statesman regularly to keep an eye on the engine data. A week ago my car started to rev very roughly and would nearly stall every 5 minutes. My mechanic replaced the ignition module and coils (after the engine died completely while he was driving it) it now runs quite well, could be better. BUT the strange thing is that if I unplug my aldl cable from the car connector the engine goes back to running very poorly, regardless of weather or not the laptop is even plugged in. I've been using this cable for over 6 months now and never seen this kind of problem before. Even when I was plugging and unplugging the cable while the engine was initially running bad earlier in the week made no difference, only now after the mechanic changed these components... any ideas ?
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