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Possible trans issue?


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Sep 19, 2018
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South Australia
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VY S S2 Commodore
Hey guys, yesterday morning my car was running fine until after I cleaned the engine bay. I used that tire/engine cleaner stuff at the car wash and now I’m starting to see/hear some issues. First it was just a strange whining sound (it sounds a bit deeper than my supercharger) that is quite constant but gets worse when I accelerate. When I take my foot off the pedal it holds its veracity for a second and then slowly winds down to just a background whine in about another 1 or 2 seconds. Today I started my car and had the whine, but also noticed a lengthier shift time (automatic transmission) however when shifting into 3rd gear when at higher speeds (70-80km/h) the engine stops accelerating and just redlines if I let it get that high - otherwise I just have to let the pedal go and try again; usually it shifts and the issue is resolved until the next time I’m at the same point. I tried shifting myself, but when I shifted to third it revved high and took a fair while before it actually changed to third gear.
I checked my trans fluid (didn’t have any paper towel so wiped it on my finger) and I could see the red fluid, but also there was a fair bit of black left on my finger. Any diagnostic guesses would be appreciated, I’m taking it in to the mechanic tomorrow for some bush etc changes in the front end and will probably ask him to take a look then also.