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[ACT] Radio control car chassis - Associated TC4 FT


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Dec 13, 2003
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Canberra, ACT
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2011 Mitsubishi Pajero GLS
I've decided to part with some of my RC gear due to lack of use. Plus I wanna buy more pointless crap I don't need lol. I've put together a pack which is nearly everything you need to get up and running with a butt load of spares. I think the price is fairly reasonable but if you have an offer to make by all means please do so. Due to the nature of some of the items I'd highly suggest against post unless you're willing to pay a small fortune.

LOCATION: ACT, northside

DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pick up is highly preferable due to the size

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash if picked up

CONTACT DETAILS: Reply here or PM (PM preferred as I don't usually check the sale section)

ITEM: 2 x RC cars with parts


PRICE: $300

First up is 2 full rolling chassis and parts. Car 1 is a Traxxas Stampede which when i bought it second hand was originally a brushed version but I bought all new adjustable camber links for it, bearings and brand new (I think) gearbox and drive shafts. Also has a brand new freshly painted Pro Graphix body (which looks absolutely dope) and it has never even seen the road. No electrics apart from steering servo.



This Rustler has a bunch of RPM parts including A arms and bumper. The wheelie bar is missing the wheels (NFI where they went) and also has a brand new unused Pro Graphix body with my custom air intake vent above the ESC. It has a VXL brushless motor, no ESC or radio but does have waterproof servo.



Included is my full collection of parts which includes plastic replacements, alloy parts and a heap of screws and nuts. I'm also including 2 JR XS3 radios with manuals and at least 2 radio receiver, any NiMH battery I can find (I think it's 4 or 5), an Integy roll cage to suit the Rustler (without camera pictured), a fairly new set of Traxxas BF Goodrich MT tyres and wheels and also a set unused of HPI Sandthrower tyres on beadlock wheels. There's likely a heap of other stuff to be included and its waaay to much to list. There's bits, shits, controllers and who knows what else. Detailed pics on request (but don't for a full break down of spares).




Here's a pic of the Sandthrowers with roll cage fitted



Next up is a Team Associated TC4 Factory Team chassis

For the TC4 I'd probably looking around 200 for the bare chassis and all the spares. It's the Factory Team version so has all the carbon fibre parts and a few alloy bits. It's tough as hell, you can hardly twist it when you're holding it and compared to a plastic car it weighs nothing. Only reason I want to sell it is cos it hasn't seen the road in almost 3 years. Comes with spares and extras such as diff shims and whatever. No pics of spares at the moment but if someone is interested I can snap some. I'd consider posting this as its reasonably small and light.



Feel free to make an offer on anything, the worst I can say is no.