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Rear drive line and duff help VE SSV redline 6.0ltr

Discussion in 'VE Holden Commodore (2006 - 2013)' started by CeeGeeVeSS, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. CeeGeeVeSS

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    Jan 7, 2017
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    Ve ss v redline MYO12
    So I got my diff rebuild with the trutrac up grades lsd and gears. Did the 500km run and all good.
    So pulled up at intersection to turn left and once again the big clunk noise followed with a big bang like the whole end is going to be smashed off. No excessive speed either

    So did the diff change yesterday and poured the new run oil straight into new clean container. No steel or medal shavings was stuck to magnet but the actual oil was clearly dark colour and small fine bits of brass all through. Looks exactly like metallic paint and a **** load of it.
    is this normal on the first run in?

    Anyway I had car in jacked up an had a good look around for some other causes for the big clunk
    So jacked up the rear so rear wheels of ground and went through some gears while under with a torch having a look about. Anyway right rear axle seemed fine left side to me looked like it might of been bent as it wasn't running relatively straight like other side.
    So my question is would this be causing the big cl unk and feeling like something going to be ripped of the rear. ?
    It's the same kind of noise and symptoms. But not nearly as often.
    Anyway it's going back for a check up. To make sure it's not the diff. ( the guy who rebuilds them was shocked as he nether had a come back with the trutrac upgrade etc)

    Hmm bloody ve I can hear loud gear change noise when changing gear it will be the next thing to go.

    I also heard light out of ordinary noise like maybe even the engine mounts are shitsn them selves. ..

    Its nether ending and my ve ssv redline only 75k on the clock.

    I've uploaded some photos of the run in oil from diff rebuild to

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