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Remote Buttons for Radio on VTII Berlina


Go Hard or Go Home
Oct 3, 2005
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VTII Berlina Supercharged
I have just finished fitting the remote steering controls on my VTII and thought i would share the experience with you. First items you will need to complete the job for VT and VX:
  1. Clock spring with radio control extra wire
  2. Steering wheel remote units (Applicable to your model of car)
  3. Two & half meters of wire (colour coded to match existing wire if you can)
  4. Standard head unit for vehicle (I've put in a Maestro system)
  5. Fair bit of patience and a cold beer :drink:
Once you have installed all the components all you have to do is run another two wires from your existing clockspring rear connector (looking from the front of connector in) on the left handside of the wires already existing there for the airbag. One new wire will act as an earth for the controls while the other will be the signal wire from the controls. They both then run down to the back of the radio and the earth one attaches to the existing black with white trace earth circuit (pin 16) while the other is placed into the harness in position (pin 9) also on the radio harness. Mind you this is for VX models with standard radio. Maestro system is slightly different in that the earth contact is the same but the signal wire must be connected to the upper harness conector alongside the violet wire position (taken from downloaded posting from this site). Any other questions will try and help as much as I can. My explanation is a little difficult to understand if your not looking at the wires already. Hope this helps some people out. Works like a charm :dance: