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Replacing Rear end bushes, experiences, feedback, questions, input ect


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Oct 17, 2010
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Near Gawler
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I had this in the VY section but i thought this could probably be useful to everyone, Should of posted it here in the first place but anyway.
Il use this pic for as a quick reference on what im on about.


Ive got no experience when it comes to installing/changing over any of the bushes in the rear end of my car but have done a fair few in the front. Ive done plenty of searching and Googling to shed some light on installations but Ive found many people have different names for certain bushes and parts and had led me to not much help. Ive had a quote from a local suspension place and got a hefty shock with the cost of bushes fitted and supplied, $1200. Im keen to tackle them my self with the help from a fellow JC member (Tones) havent asked him yet but he will, but seeing if any one is happy to put some input or feedback or any kind of information when it comes to tackling these tasks. The reason why i want to change the bushes because i can feel and hear a thud/knocking noise in the back end, mostly left, that no one can find and for piece of mind. My car is a VY SV8 sedan, superlows all round with 20's.

Parts I want to change are as follows: )part names are form Nolathane site)

- Rear Control are inner and outer bushes
- Rear Crossmember outer mount bush
- Diff mount bush
- Shock absorber upper and lower bush
- Rear sway bar mount bush 14mm
- Rear Sway bar link bush

Hopefully this thread can help someone else that is looking into changing one or more of these bushes.
Thanks for your help