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Replacing the external Mirror Assembly on VE Commodore


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Feb 15, 2011
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2009 VE Berlina Commodore
Described here is the way I changed over a 2009 VE Commodore external mirror assembly, so it’s definitely the unofficial version.

In February 2011 I purchased a GM Genuine mirror assembly (including motors and wiring) for about $AU120 from my local Holden dealer. A grey colour-coded inset was supplied, but I re-used the colour-coded one from my damaged mirror.

Tools required: Small Torx set, small Flat and Philips Screwdrivers.

• Open the door and window.
• Remove all screws from the door trim, including two hidden under the door arm-rest.
• With a flat screwdriver, remove the small plastic cover near door handle.
• Remove the revealed Torx screw.
• Carefully lift up the door trim from the top plastic clips on the window edge.
• Prise the whole door trim out at the vent end, near the hinge.
• Carefully remove the plastic plate behind the mirror by pulling it down and out.
• Remove the wiring connector. Unlock it by pressing in the plastic tag on the connector.
• Remove the two Torx screws that secure the mirror assembly.
• On the door seal rubber moulding, remove the plastic clip near the door hinge.
• Pull back the seal, unclipping two clips on the door frame.
• Remove the third Torx screw that is under the rubber door seal.
• Carefully remove the broken mirror assembly by pulling it out and downward.
• Insert new mirror assembly into the top of the door frame rubber.
• From the inside, the two plastic lugs on the assembly should align with holes in the metal.
• On the outside, ensure the mirror assembly fits snugly in place.

Replace all screws and reverse the above procedure.

To put the plastic colour-coded inset in the mirror assembly:
• Place the bottom edge of the colour inset against the lower edge of the assembly.
• Line up the inset hooks on the bottom with the holes in the mirror assembly.
• Rotate the insert toward the top edge.
• Flex the inset and push in the pointy end into the assembly.
• Carefully push down the top edge into the groves around the assembly.