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Revhigh Tuning Solutions Holden Supercharged VE LFX V6 3.6L Vortech

Discussion in 'Revhigh' started by Revhigh, Oct 24, 2019.

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    Holden VF Maloo
    Another gorgeous Holden VE V6 in for a Vortech Capa Supercharger install and tune! Alex drove 9 hours to come see us from South Australia!! This car made 101+ rear wheel kw extra compared to stock! We also fitted a Xforce 2.5" Catback, High Flow Cats and we pulled out his old Idrive and Installed the new Stealth 4.0 Controller! This was fitted with an intercooler system! Final power output was 276rwkw at 9psi without increasing the RPM limiter (we touched it up a bit more after the video). This is car will be back at some stage for a 12psi belt + our Methanol Injection ECU + phone app so we can flash multiple tunes (crackle, fuel economy, race methanol etc). So stay tuned!


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