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Rodeo Central Locking issue - car 'forgets' remote


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Oct 13, 2007
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VSII V6 Auto Berlina Wagon
Hi all,

Recently sold the Commodore for a 2004 Rodeo. It didn't come with a remote so I went to an independent car key specialist who hooked me up. Worked a treat during the day and the next morning the remote didn't work. I went back to the shop and they programmed again, by turning the key to the 'On' position and pressing the remote key. They said if it forgot it again, then there must be something else going on. Which it did. I now open with a key each morning, reprogram it and then I can use it during the day.

Before I take it back in and have them charge me a motza for extra work, I thought I'd try my luck here.

Any thoughts folks? Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Matty.