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Roll Drags at Sydney Dragway July 7 2017

Discussion in 'Time Slip Data Base - Sponsored by Sydney Dragway' started by SydneyDragway, Jul 4, 2017.

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    Sydney Dragway’s first Roll Drags event is happening this Saturday, July 7!


    Roll Drags pits some of the quickest cars roaming the streets against each other in a thrilling racing format. The latest form of racing to hit Australian Drag Racing, Roll Drags is much like regular drag racing except from a rolling start instead of a standing start. Roll Drags is perfect for anyone who likes to drive their car hard and fast in a safe and controlled environment without the risk of losing their license.

    For pricing and entrant/competitor details and to purchase tickets head over to Sydney Dragway.

    Competitors must pre-enter before the event. Gates open at 4:30PM with the first pair of cars set to leave the line at 6:00PM.

    To see what Roll Drags is all about check out the video below.

    Saturday, July 7. Be there!


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