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screw in vaccum line?



hi guys,

was cleaning the throttle body up the other day and saw that l have a screw in a vaccum line. Not sure if this is supposed to be like that?! The line comes from the MAP sensor into a three way connector (like a T) shape with one to a vaccum line which has a screw screwed into it to block it off, and the other one goes to the throttle body.

is it supposed to be there? l only noticed this as when l was doing the throttle body the other day. once all the sensors were back together in the TB, l connected the vac line back and ended up with a code 33. I checked the lines from the MAP sensor and found l didn't push it all the way in. l followed the line again and saw the screw and pushed the other sensor connector (at the back of the TB) a little further in and that appeared to fix the problem. no more engine light!

any ideas?
Will post a pic


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