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SEPTEMBER 2020 UPDATE NEW DGP MICRO CPU! Stealth 4.0 Controller


May 16, 2015
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Dandenong South
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Holden VF Maloo

The Stealth 4.0 Controller now has the following DGP update!!!

All new DGP CPU
- All new DGP CPU and circuit board allows for an additional 10% response over previous versions.
- More stable circuitry eliminates CEL lights

Dual OBD2 Scanner Port functionality
- Can be used with or without the OBD2 port! Without throwing a CEL. Perfect for when you need to use a scan tool, tune your vehicle or take it to a service centre.

Without the OBD2 port plugged in
- The Controller will only adjust throttle sensitivity. For example 5% throttle will become 10% throttle. This is why these are called "Throttle Controller’s".
- Competitor units can only adjust the throttle sensitivity similar to this.

With the OBD2 plugged in.
- We are able to boost the signal to the accelerator pedal which enables the 4.0 to open the throttle body faster.
This is referred to as a throttle booster.
- Competitor units cannot open the body faster if they don’t use the OBD2, use an advanced CPU or have voltage stabilizers.
- FU setting voltage stabilizers are used when boosting throttle with the DGP CPU.

Still has all of the advantages of the older Stealth 4.0.
- Anti theft mode
- 3 different Automatic modes.
- 4x4 winching mode
- CNC casing
- Lifetime warranty
- Drag Racing Modes
- Fuel saving modes
- Battery Gauge
- Battery Voltage Monitor

Price would be $220 if you use the discount code STEALTH601 upon checkout. Please click the link below to purchase it.