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Shaving the engine bay. First time.

VL Berlina 5speed

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Oct 3, 2005
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Project VL Show car, VS Exec, VY Ute, YZ250F
dude, that looks cool....

where did your overflow go?? and your fuse box? and battery? and, and... and

and your AFM!!!! where did that go?

i gotta do that...
in many hidden places:p

overflow is under the guard
fuse box is in the glove box
battery in the boot
afm under the right hand rail in the cooler pipe

there is more things that many people will not pick up on, unleas you know a early girl;)

the firewall top - the holes for the wiper loom and washer pipe is gone
left side of the rad support - there was recess for the bonnet rod - gone
ac pipes and everything gone include holes in firewall
all looms hiden and neated up
battery tray gone
power steer resiour moved to where fuse box area was
and many more odds and sods

its all about planing ahead,
i sat in the bay for hours planing how i wanted things and what it wanted to do.
cant just hit every hole you see you need to picture how things will go:thumbsup: