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Shop Vacs

Fu Manchu

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Mar 18, 2006
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So I posted in the “What did you do in the garage today” about my Ryobi wet and dry vac.

What’s great about it:
I love it, and for what it costs, I feel its amazing value. Best vacuum I’ve ever had of all brands. Great suction. Easy to clean. Easy to swap to wet vac.

What’s not great:
Shitty hard hose.
Hose not flexible.
Hose too short at 1.2m
Attachments that come with it are crap.

What did I do to make it better?
Well I got generic 35mm attachments. A floor attachment that was better. Some regular cleaning attachments.

However that hose length really irritates me.

So I figured out you can disassemble the Ryobi proprietary fittings.

The only one that’s important is the one that fits to the machine itself. Some squeezing in and gentle twisting counter clockwise and it came away. I had a hold of a spare hose and tried it on that first. So I did it on the good one and it worked as well. I can say with certainty, if you have one, it will work.

I bought a 4m length of 32mm hose of eBay. I bought a 32mm hose end that has an air control slot on it. It’s angled for easier use on the car. It’s also got a swivel in it, so less tangles and kinks.

The attachments are cheap as chips. The hose is cheap as too. I compared spending $60 on hose and bits in total, to what a better shop vac costs, but all of them have crap attachments and crap hose length. By modifying the vacuum, I get better usability that can go onto any other vacuum should I change brands in the future. That is value to me.

Now it can easily fit to my saws, sander etc too.


The new hose is much softer and flexible.


I push in two pins in the side of the new 32mm fitting. (I had tried it out on the Ryobi hose). These are the bits that join it up. White bit screws on, black collar clips into the fitting.



The Ryobi end comes off east now I got the glue separated and figured out the gag to remove it.

Just screws onto the new hose.

I hope this helps some of you. Shop vacs can suck, but we can make them better.

The 4m is good. I think I should have gone with 6m though. Hmm.