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Nov 2, 2008
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VS EXECUTIVE V6 sedan & VE SV6 Ute 60th Ann
Electical Problems VE SV6 08 Ute

HI*Can anybody shed some light on electical problems with my VE 08 SV6 ute. While you are driving along all of a sudden the interior light comes on and you can't turn it off and the open DOOR* simble on the left hand side of your instuments panel stays ON TELLING YOU YOUR DOORS ARE OPEN? BUT THEY ARE NOT. iF YOU TrY TO LOCK YOUR CAR WITH REMOTE KEY THE DRIVERS DOOR WILL NOT LOCK and the car beeps 5 times and then the alarm goes off continuously till you try to open it manually* IT TAKES 3 GOES TO MANUALLY LOCK DRIVERS DOOR and when it is locked manually it does'T LOCK THE HARD TONNEU COVER AND THE MANUAL KEY WONT LOCK IT EITHER! All this only happens when driving in the rain. When the rain stop, 5, 6 hours later every thing is back to normal. It is in at holden warranty for the second time now and still waiting on the* diagnois of the problem and while I"am at it* found* major oil leak on ground either from auto trans or power steering can"t exactly see where it is coming from because of the under cover tray covering under the car but the oil is running across the bumper bar and leaking from the engine cross member not good, car has only done 5,000 klms. Any feed back would be great. I was told today by a mechanic it could be the Body Control Module ?Mark: :bang: