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Special Interest Groups

Discussion in 'Site Feedback / Site Problems' started by monstar, Feb 28, 2018.

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    Perhaps a way to cater for disparate interests on a wide range of technical subjects would be to add special interest groups?
    This social group system for XenForo is unlike any other created to date.

    This is a complete, fully configurable social group system that allows for group discussions, forums and a basic group photo album. The ability to create each section of the group is fully usergroup permissions based. So if you don't want a user group to create a photo album, you just turn off that ability.
    • Create Group Forum
    • Create Group Discussions*
    • Create Group Photo Album (with photo comments)
    • Optionally show group information in group forum.
    • Optionally show group information in group forum threads.
    • Add/Remove Group Moderators
    • Transfer Group Ownership
    • Change/Add Group Node Category Icons
    • Change/Add Group Forum Icons
    • Groups can be open, private or invite only
    • And more!
    *Group discussions are totally separate from XenForo's node system and they are not interchangable. Think of group discussions as giant conversations (private or otherwise).

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