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Speedo corrector playing up


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Dec 11, 2008
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Cammed mafless VS Calais 5-speed.
I put in a speedo corrector the other day and got it working fine. It worked fine all that day, but the next day (10 hours undriven) the speedo didn't register at all while driving, and then it started flicking erratically up and down the gauge before it just went back to zero again.

It seemed to me like a bad connection so i rewired everything and it worked again. However after another night in the carport it stopped working again! Same sitting on zero and erratic flicking. I've tried bypassing the corrector and the speedo reads fine, albiet inaccurately.

For anyone that's familiar with these jaycar speedo correctors, the LED is supposed to flash in sync with the speedo pulses when it's working correctly, but when it's misbehaving it just stays on.

Is it possibly something to do with the chip remembering the settings and when power is disconnected for a long time it looses that memory?

I'm really stumped here.