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spiking voltage?????????



hello all ive a vn with aftmark supercharger v6, ive recently cahnged the battery on the pain in my rear, it died and couldnt resusitate it so in went the new gold plated terminals too, but after the battery was changed i had a problem with the alternator it **** itself, so in went a new one and the car stared and all was well, but idle was slightly stronger in park or neutral, when engaged in drive cause its a auto foot planted it drives like a dream as soon as your foot comes of the accelerator a exclamation mark comes up on the dash and ive noticed a spike in current cause when the lights come on there as dim as anything and when blinkers are engaged light on the dash also blink its driving me up the wall just cant fingd the problem, iam only guessing that it could be an earth problem????? please help.