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Sticky Lock


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Dec 23, 2008
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Hey all just coming here today with a bit of advice. Ever since I got my car (commodore vr) one of my passenger locks always stuffed up. (and this is a common thing too) It would come up with the push of the button but would never go down.

I've read around that it could be the thing that controls it, but to get to that you have to take off the trim (and for a newbie like me that takes a while and is very stressful)

Today I tried to do that but I couldn't get the window winder out.

Well anyway, I got someone else to try and get the window winder out and while doing that I just flicked around with the door lock button on my remote and the lock went up and down. I thought this was very strange, it wasnt the actual machine that locks the doors that wasn't working its just the lock wasn't in the correct position or was stuck.

So I put it back on really tight and made sure it was in the correct position. I also gave it a quick spray with some car lubricant just in case it stuffed up again, and that should help it to move.

Hope this helps someone, so if you're sick of having to lean over to push the lock down give this a try. :)