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stop light wiring



hi all,
this is my first post of what looks to be a great forum

i have a vr commodore exec s2. today i connected a trailer to it.
im not sure what has happened but the result is this:

the fuse melted and didnt break. hence resulting in that fuse bay melting. the first i know of all of this was when i smelt the smell and saw the smoke.

i need to gte my car going for the morning and just want to know the best way around it.

i hope to be able to pull out the fuse bay, cut off the wire which seems to be running into the fuse bay. it is an orange/blue wire. can someone confirm this is the stop light wire

connect this wire straight through to some power and buy and inline fuse tomorrow for the new connection...

basically, i need to confirm the colour of the brake light before i go cutting...
hopefully someone can help