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[SA] Subaru Imprezza WRX clubspec evo 8 - Rare & virgin


Post Overlord
Jun 27, 2009
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The Nanny State
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ITEM: Subaru Imprezza WRX clubspec Evo 8

PRICE: $25,500 Negotiable - NO SWAPS.

LOCATION: Sa, Modbury

YEAR: July 05'


BADGE: Clubspec Evo 8

ENGINE: Virgin 2.0L turbo, no mods, dealer serviced

TRANSMISSION: 5 Speed Manual

COLOUR: Silver



TYRE CONDITION: Minor gutter rash on rims



SERVICE HISTORY: Complete service history, serviced by subaru dealers in its home state of NSW and here by povey motors.

REGO OF CAR: Till may


RWC: Had one from when I bought it interstate last year but they are useless in SA

DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: She is still under finance so the lucky new owner will need to wait 24 hours once we do the paperwork for the bank to release her for registration. Full details will be provided.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Prerably direct payment to my bank of remaining funds on the loan, and remainder in cash to myself.

CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM, Phone or Other

OTHER INFO: This is my pride and joy, i'm planning on backpacking with my gf for a while and I cant take her with me.

She's an absolute bargain as she is the standard rare clubspec evo edition of the wrx which means it has leather seats, trim, better exhaust, sports suspension etc.

The engine is absolutely stock, you never want to buy a modded wrx because you never know what your getting and when I was buying her I paid extra to get a virgin one which has never had a BOV fitted, never had any performance mods etc, so if your looking for a car to turn into a beast or just something to get looked at in, this is perfect, she's all yours to start working on or just leave in perfect working order with piece of mind she's never going to miss a beat.

The only things that I have changed with her are the audio and exhaust, I replaced the clubspec evo exhaust with a bolt on Dual Cannon catback, I have the standard clubspec evo exhaust if you want to put that back on to silence her, its a standard bolt on so you can choose between them, this cost $800.

Dash contains $1400 Pioneer DVD headunit with 7" touchscreen, plays dvds, ipod, mp3, sdcards, usb flash drives, can output on 6 seperate channels.

I have installed competition level MASSIVE audio brand speakers in each door that sound amazing, complete with dymatting, this cost $1600 so on audio alone you have $3k of awesome.

In the boot I have two custom made fibreglass subwoofer boxes, I wasnt planning on letting my subwoofers or amps go, as the amp itself is worth 1 grand and I want to save it for my next car, the car will come with the professionally done amp wiring which cost $100 to get done and can handle up to 1200W. The subwoofer boxes will come with the car.

Throughout her entire time with me she has been exclusively run on 98 Octaine fuel, she can however be run on 95 octaine, I however recomend like stealthy BP ultimate, its the shiz.

I also work for a company that makes coil suspension for cars, I dont give away who I work for, but due to my work in the field I havnt bothered to lower her due to dealing with guys every day who do this, but bearing in mind I can hook the lucky purchaser up with lowered or even raised coils for her that are 20% stronger than factory standard.

Looking for a quick sale and really not interested in tyre kickers so please have a chat to me and then we'll see if we can organise a test drive, please note however no test drive will be allowed if I dont think you can afford her, i've already had several P platers ask for test drives , but this is the usual case.

Lovely car and im sad to see her go, but would love to see her go to a good home.